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I drive, on average, over 700 miles a week. My Ford Expedition used to get only 13 mpg. Since I treated my vehicle with XADO, I've seen an increase of 2 mpg. Two mpg might not seem like a lot but over the course of a year, it really adds up. I've also treated two mowers and my golf cart. The mowers are much quieter and my gas golf cart runs smoother and has quit backfiring. XADO is easy to apply and easy on the pocket book.

 - Greg Strong - 


I purchased the XADO atomic Metal Conditioner 1 stage and also the XADO Revitalizant EX120 for automatic transmission. Both did the job and the car runs better now.

Harry H.

I love this stuff ! The things ive seen it do are amazing ! Its funny when i go into a parts store looking at all the oils and just laugh after what ive seen XADO do !!! Im serious i have before and after pics of a single cylinder engine !!! these are the before and after pics of a 5 hp brigs and stratton push mover the letters are carved out with a razor blade and the center is with a hammer and flathead screwdriver! After putting the xado moto in i idled it for 12 hours and some of that time it was runing wide open! At first i had to fill the gas tank every 20 minutes and towards the end it was every 3o minutes and if i remember correctly the ladt tank took 45 minutes to run out! on the after picture you can still see the o in XADO but you cant feel it! I also noticted the coloring of the cylinder wall and smoothness if it as well as the reflection of the wall was almost like a mirror. MAN I LOVE THIS STUFF !!!!

 - Gary Lewis - 


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