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Oil is Getting into Turbocharger Intake

Continuous operation of a turbocharged engine with low-quality oil, engine overheating, incorrect vehicle operation, or not doing an oil change on time — are all common reasons for an oil to get into Turbocharger.



  1. The main reason for oil level decrease through the turbine are worn-out bearings of turbocharger supports and seals (rings).

    ​Try applying our Engine Revitalizant to Restore Your Engine Components + Applying Stop Leak Engine to Prevent Future seal failure
    - XADO 1 Stage Revitalizant®
    - XADO Stop Leak Engine;

    The restoration effect can be observed on the sliding bearings of a turbocharger (restoration of initial clearances in case of non-critical wear). The compound does not impact the impeller and the turbine blade.


  2. Contamination of the oil system, use of low-quality oil can also lead to bearings wear-out on turbine supports.
    - Before treatment using Revitalizant® flush the engine oil system with Vita Flush Oil system cleaner.
    - Change the oil and replace the oil filter.
    - Apply Revitalizant and Stop Leak Engine.

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