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Product Selection by Problem Solving

Tight wheel

The distinctive features and probable reasons for a tight wheel may be the following:

  • Problem: tight wheel when turning in both sides.

    Probable reasons:

    • Mechanical wear of the pump in the power steering booster system

    • Insufficient level of the fluid in the reservoir in the system

    • Mobility loss of the overload relief valve in the system

    • Low tension or wear of the drive belt in the hydraulic pump

  • Problems:

    • Steering wheel force disappears in the central position

    • Screech occurs when turning the wheel

    • Steering wheel force disappears when turning into one side

    • Steering wheel turns back into central position with difficulty

    Probable reasons: occurrence or progress of defects of the steering rack or steering mechanism gear unit.

  • Problems: tight wheel when changing the direction of wheel turning quickly.

    Probable reasons:

    • Air in the system

    • Pump productivity decrease because of wear

    • Low tension or wear of the drive belt



  • When the productivity of the system is decreased because of the mechanical wear it is recommended to make the complete change of the hydraulic fluid (we recommend using corresponding fluids XADO: XADO ATF III; XADO ATF III/IV/V; XADO ATF VI; XADO CHF or LHM). After the hydraulic fluid is changed the treatment of the system with one of the following XADO products is recommended: Revitalizant EX120 for power steering booster, Revitalizant for power steering booster, Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for power steering booster.

  • When the fluid level is insufficient, it needs to be filled up. The cause of the leakage needs to be determined and eliminated.

  • When the drive belt has a low tension it’s recommended to determine the reason first: if the problem is in wear, the belt needs to be replaced; if the tension is loosen, the proper tense needs to be made.

    Note: To keep the belts in proper conditions and to provide them with the correct maintenance it is recommended to use Verylube Belt Reconditioners.

  • When occurrence or progress of defects of the steering rack or steering mechanism gear unit is found it’s recommended to repair or replace defected parts.

    Note: For a preventive maintenance of the steering wheel system in diesel trucks it’s recommended to treat it once in 30-40 000 miles with XADO АМС Maximum Diesel Truckfor power steering booster.

  • When there’s air in the system, it’s better to turn to the experts to remove air from the system and to eliminate the cause of the air inleakage.

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