XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD

SKU: XA 20121

Top-grade high-viscosity mineral oil for units of mechanical transmissions. Contains atomic REVITALIZANT®.

  • Specifications and technologies

    meets the requirements of specifications:

    • SAE 85W-140
    • API GL-5 LS
    • MIL-L2105 B/C/D
    • ZF TE-ML 05C/12C/16E
  • Advantages

    • Specially designed for drives with limited slip differential.
    • Multigrade application in final drives of all types, including hypoid gears, drives with cone and plate LSDs; reducers and transfer cases of passenger cars and trucks, and other vehicles, where it is recommended to apply API GL-5 and/or MIL-L 2105B/C/D oils.
    • The oil is notable for its highest level of protection for final drives and differentials of all types.
    • Provides smooth engagement for clutches of the limited slip differentials and prevents the stick-slip effect.
    • Possesses an exceptional wear resistance in all operation modes including extreme ones.
    • Possesses extra stable properties (aging and oxidation resistance), used in transmission mechanisms with onetime application of oil for the whole period of operation.
    • Keeps transmission mechanisms clean and prevents their corrosion.
  • Package

    Can 1 Liter


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