XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD

XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD

SKU: XA 20121

Top-grade high-viscosity mineral oil for units of mechanical transmissions. Contains atomic REVITALIZANT®.

  • Specifications and technologies

    meets the requirements of specifications:

    • SAE 85W-140
    • API GL-5 LS
    • MIL-L2105 B/C/D
    • ZF TE-ML 05C/12C/16E
  • Advantages

    • Specially designed for drives with limited slip differential.
    • Multigrade application in final drives of all types, including hypoid gears, drives with cone and plate LSDs; reducers and transfer cases of passenger cars and trucks, and other vehicles, where it is recommended to apply API GL-5 and/or MIL-L 2105B/C/D oils.
    • The oil is notable for its highest level of protection for final drives and differentials of all types.
    • Provides smooth engagement for clutches of the limited slip differentials and prevents the stick-slip effect.
    • Possesses an exceptional wear resistance in all operation modes including extreme ones.
    • Possesses extra stable properties (aging and oxidation resistance), used in transmission mechanisms with onetime application of oil for the whole period of operation.
    • Keeps transmission mechanisms clean and prevents their corrosion.
  • Package

    Can 1 Liter

Product Reviews



2006 Honda Fit with shudder just after take off. Replaced the transmission fluid and added the revitalizant fluid. This has fully eliminated the shudder. Very happy with this product. It really does help. Can highly recommend this product.

I Recommend this product.



It works

It does reduce gearbox rattle sound significantly. Highly recommend.

I Recommend this product.



Works like a dream!

I recently purchased Revitalizant EX120 for Automatic Transmission and to my surprise it works like a dream. Very impressed with the purchase!

I Recommend this product.

Ari Tristianto Wibowo



This is my first Xado in NZ , but not first in my life. I used it for motorcycle and the result was great.
Now I will use for car engine and automatic transmission.
Thank you for free bonus of Atomic Engine Flush, I will use it when I buy another car because my current cars have new oil in their engine.

For you who have car more than 100,000 km of mileage, it is compulsory, although your car drive well.
Xado price is much cheaper than repair cost.

For you who have low mileage car or new car, you can use Xado new car.

I Recommend this product.



Great service.

Hi your service was great thanks i will purchase again for sure
Paul .

I Recommend this product.

Attila Gaspar


I have very positive comments about Xado in general

The service was great, with detailed technical information provided when I needed it and the turnaround time for the delivery took half as long as promised.

I can highly recommend the Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum SUV with 1 Stage Revitalizant. It is a superb concept to care for your engine especially when they are subjected to harsh off road conditions like my 4WD. I decided to purchase it to help my engine deal with idling in extreme off-camber situations off road when engine lubrication is usually sub-optimal to say the least. My engine at this early stage had responded very positively to the Atomic product and I have great expectations of it...

I Recommend this product.

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