XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF


XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF Latest generation full synthetic motor oil with unique performance level. Contains atomic revitalizant. 

  • Specifications and technologies

    meets the requirements of specifications:

    • SAE 0W-40
    • API SL/CF
    • ACEA A3/B4(10)

    meets the requirements of the OEM:

    • BMW Longlife-01
    • MB 226.5, 229.5
    • Renault RN 0700/0710
    • Porsche A40
    • VW 502 00/505 00
    • VW 503 01

    OEM Approvals

  • Features

    XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF is the best for today motor oil. This is not an ordinary motor oil 0W-40, this is the oil of extra quality.

    It is made on the basis of the top quality complex synthetic base oils which contain esters and polyalphaolefines (PAO), and it is also alloyed with the modern high-grade additive packages.

    Motor oil XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF meets the highest performance requirements of the leading OEM.
    Comfort, acceleration and power will be always kept in top condition due to the patented formula of atomic revitalizant, included into XADO Atomic Oil. Application of revitalizants is considered as a prospective direction in the area of energy and resource-savings and is confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries of the world.

  • Advantages

    • Especially effective for modern passenger cars with the forced engine, including those with supercharging, intermediate cooling and also for perspective models of diesel engines with direct injection (DI type)
    • Guarantees engine protection under high speed modes. Perfectly maintains racing operation modes
    • Indispensable during the run-in of new cars, because it considerably reduces wear of the engine parts during running-in
    • Has the unique protective properties, which remain stable even under extended oil change intervals, meets VW 503.01 tolerance requirements (oil change after 18 640 miles)
    • Protects the engine and keeps its parts in complete cleanliness
    • Guarantees easy engine start under extreme low (arctic) temperatures
    • High protection under critical loads (maximal rotations, overheat, running up, all-wheel driving out of roads, rally, troffi etc.)

    XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF is made on the basis of high quality synthetic base oils, esters and polyalphaolefines (PAO) of the leading OEM.

    Viscosity-temperature properties of XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF ensure very easy engine start at any extremely low temperatures and high protection from overheating and wear under intensive operating conditions and high temperatures.

    XADO Atomic Oil 0W-40 SL/CF meets the requirements of the highest standards for motor oils for European and American passenger cars.

  • Technical info

    • Density at 70 F, kg/l - 0,858
    • Viscosity at 212 F, mm2/s - 13,2
    • Viscosity at 104 F, mm2/s - 72,6
    • Viscosity at -31 F, mPa s - 6050
    • Viscosity index - 186
    • Flash point, F - 428
    • Pour point, F - <-55
    • Easy start temperature, F - -31
    • Sulphated ash, wt.- 1,2
    • Base number, mgKOH/g - 10,8
  • Package

    Can 1 Liter

    Can 4 Liters


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