Very Lube Flushing Oil

SKU: XB 20250

Mineral low-viscosity oil with a complex of special additives to flush the engine and transmission.
Contains Revitalizant ®.

  • Advantages

    Designed to clean oil systems of engines and transmissions. Special detergent-dispersant, anti-wear and extreme
    pressure additives allow safe flushing of the oil system (within 30–40 minutes) and its efficient cleaning from all types
    of contaminations up to the level of technical purity. REVITALIZANT® creates an anti-wear protection reserve
    during flushing.

    • Absolutely safe flush for the oil system up to the level of technical purity.
    • Protective reserve against wear.
    • Possibility of intensive flushing of heavily contaminated assemblies (up to 30–40 min), due to the package of anti-wear additives.
    • Mobility restoration of compression and oil-scraper rings.
    • Elimination of the effect of stuck hydraulic lifters.
  • Application

    For engines:
    1. Drain the warm used oil.
    2. Pour the flushing oil up to the minimum point
    on the probe.
    3. Start the engine and let it idle for 10–15 minutes
    (if the engine is significantly clogged – for 30–40
    4. Stop the engine, pour out the flushing oil
    and replace the oil filter.
    5. Pour fresh oil.

    For transmission assemblies:
    1. Drain the warm used oil.
    2. Pour the flushing oil into the transmission assembly
    up to the nominal level.
    3. Let the assembly operate without any load
    (on the lifting platform) for 10–15 minutes, or up to
    30–40 minutes – in case of severe clogging.
    4. Turn off the engine and drain flushing oil.
    5. Pour fresh transmission oil.

  • Note

    Do not drive with the flushing oil in the system!

  • Package

    Packet 2L


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