Very Lube Anticarbon

Very Lube Anticarbon

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Decarbonizer for piston rings.
Fast-acting product designed to decarbonize stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines. Removes all scale
and tar contaminations from cavities of the cylinder-piston group. Does not require oil change after application.

  • Advantages

    • Restores mobility of stuck piston rings.
    • Decreases oil consumption.
    • Cleans cylinders and pistons, combustion chambers,
    and valves from all types of contaminations (scale,
    carbon, varnish and tar).
    • Levels compression in cylinders.
    • Decreases noise of engine operation.
    • Removes deposits from spark plugs (glow plugs).
    • Decreases the level of harmful exhausts into the

  • Application

    1. Warm up the engine. The engine should be warm but
    not hot.
    2. Unscrew the plugs (nozzles). Disconnect the wire of
    the ignition timing sensor, Hall sensor or commutator.
    3. Spray the substance (up to 5 seconds) through a
    nozzle hose (or introduce the content of 1 tube) into
    each cylinder. Screw the plugs back. Wait for 10–20
    minutes. Unscrew the plugs. Cover the plugholes
    with absorbing fabric to avoid dirt flying out and getting
    onto the paint. Rotate the engine with the starter
    for several seconds.
    4. Reinstall spark plugs (nozzles).
    5. Start the engine and let it run at moderate rpm of
    the crankshaft for up to 15 minutes. During this time,
    the residues of the softened carbon will be removed
    through the exhaust system.

  • Dosage

    1 tube – 1 cylinder.
    One aerosol can is enough to decarbonize rings
    in 20 cylinders.

  • Note

    Avoid getting the substance onto paint coatings.
    Safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, mechanical rubber
    goods and seals.
    VERYLUBE Anticarbon in tubes can be used to flush the engine oil
    1. Introduce Anticarbon into the warmed up engine through
    the oil filler neck in the ratio of 40 ml of VERYLUBE Anticarbon
    for 3–5 liters of oil.
    2. Let the engine idle for 10–15 minutes.
    3. Change the oil and the oil filter.

  • Package

    Tube - 10 ml

    Can 320 ml

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The Revitalizant that we used in the Honda Fitt Transmisson was like magic .The shuddering has completely gone The gears change very smoothly and the product started working straight away .We were so greatfull to hear about this and to be able to use it , we ordered it on a sunday it arrived on tuesday and the car has traveled 700 kilometers in aweek and hasnt played up once, being my daughters car its great to know we can rely on such a great product , TEN OUT OF TEN . excellent THANK YOU.

I Recommend this product.



Worth a go.

Have a 2004 Honda Fit with a slightly rumbling CVT from stop and after reading all the positive feedback using XADO decided to give a go. Brilliant, within 100kms the shudder has gone with the CVT feeling much smoother all round. Had my doubts but this stuff seems to work as claimed. Certainly worth a go!

I Recommend this product.



Works and recommend

This works extremely well. Works as soon as you put it in the car. Would definitely recommend!

I Recommend this product.

Russell Smith


Second time use

having added the second tube to my gearbox things appear to be changing more smoothly and i have traveled approx 450km so wait and see what happens after 500km.

I Recommend this product.